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Verifarma Medicamentos

Since 2007, Verifarma is synonymous of drug traceability. With the aim of ensuring the control of medicines and helping to eradicate the circulation of those that are illegitimate, the Ministry of Health in Argentina, through Resolution No. 435/2011, created the National Traceability System in charge of the ANMAT. This system would be implemented by all the companies involved in the chain of comercialization, distribution and dispensing of medicinal specialties indicated in the different regulations.

The SNT consists in the individual and univocal identification of each unit of those specialties drugs to be commercialized, in order to carry out its follow-up through all the persons and organizations that take part in the chain (laboratories, distributors, logistics operators, drugstores, pharmacies, health care establishments and patients).

Verifarma complies with all security and availability requirements demanded by ANMAT and provides different added value functionalities to management: customer service 7×24, updates included in the original contract without renewal and full availability to each of its customers.

It has the largest market structure in traceability solutions, with a highly professional and trained team. Conformed with a service composed by a “turnkey” solution integrated to production lines and equipment and advice in every detail of the regulation.

Currently, more than 2000 companies in the pharmaceutical industry operate with Verifarma.