Traceability service for
the veterinary industry.


Verifarma Vet solution allows the implementation of equipment to automatize traceability in the processes for the manufacturing of veterinary products.


Verifarma Vet was intended to ensure to all the members of the distribution chain that the commercialized products are original products.


Our systems and infrastructure are prepared to support large volumes of data and operate without interruptions.

Verifarma is an integral solution that allows the manufacturers of medical devices to manage labels, reports and quality requirements to achieve the compliance with the new medical devices regulations.

With the purpose of solving the problems of complying with resolution N° 369 issued by SENASA (Argentine Food Safety and Quality Inspection Service), Verifarma Vet offers an integral traceability service that allows to know online the origin and traceability of veterinary products, until it reaches the customer.


Through marking technology and printing control, it is possible to set the relationship Father-Son between the minimum sale unit and its packaging up to the pallet, a relationship that originates traceability. Verifarma Vet is developed to manage the traceability of all the veterinary products. Hence, the identification and transmission of the involved information is resolved in a fast and safe way.

Identification Technology

The starting point of any traceability project is the univocal identification of each unit. So an identifying device is attached to each product. There are different types of identification technology.




(Only for logistic benefits)

Resolutions and Provisions that regulate traceability in Argentina for the veterinary industry:

Check the chemical precursors included by the Sedronar/RENPRE regulation.

Verifarma Vet counts with an integration module with RENPRE (Sedronar) in order to comply with the resolution Nº 900/12

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