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The NEUCA Group is the largest pharmaceuticals distributor and an important manufacturer of such products. As an experienced manufacturer of pharmaceutical preparations Neuca keeps the highest European safety and quality standards, so the products are in pharmaceutical quality.

Adjusting its activities to the applicable standards, the NEUCA Group started cooperation with Mado Systemy and Verifarma in the scope of delivery of solutions for serialization of medical products.

“After the regulation of serialization imposed by the European Union, we had to expand our offer, just like our customers expected, who wanted to have a one hand provider, and that’s how our relationship with Verifarma began”, points out Karolina Domanska, VP & Development Director of Mado Systemy.

Mado Systemy supports companies from the Neuca Group in the field of project preparation and implementation of solutions. The signed contract provides for cooperation over a period of five years.

The main challenge was to connect quickly and efficiently with the many NEUCA partners. Due to the number of orders, these companies generate the largest number of serial numbers, explains Mr. Kolankowski.

For this task, it was necessary to provide a dedicated device. “After analyzing the requirements, it turned out that in addition to automatic serialization, a manual solution would be required.

This additional challenge was solved by Verifarma which meant an advantage for the customer. In this way, it was possible to expand the system without additional charges”, informs Mr. Kolankowski.

NEUCA partners. Some of them were required to generate serial numbers for their own needs. An example would be a small MAH company. “We offered them to buy their own system, but due to the savings they decided to work manually with the EMVO Gateway. Verifarma proposed an XML report compliant with the EMVO format, in order to make it available to the customer via SFTP. From then on, Pharmavitae works like this. We emphasize this case because it is a great example of supplier flexibility ”- emphasizes Mr. Kolankowski.


“When analyzing the implementation process, we can distinguish three main goals that guided the client” – says Ms. Karolina Domańska: “First of all, the integration of many partners. In this area, it was important to define the number of partners and to propose a reliable solution. The second goal was integration with the ERP system and proper communication, Verifarma rose to the occasion here, we had direct contact with the IT Director, and the answers were immediate. Many teleconferences were carried out and the required support was provided, which resulted in an excellent final solution”- emphasizes Ms. Domańska.

In summary, there are several key factors that have made Mado Systemy the preferred vendor and have made this implementation successful. Above all, flexibility during contract negotiations. Addtional key aspect was the ability to adapt to specific customer requirements that appeared after a detailed analysis of the processes. Another important issue was the priority response to critical issues: “In this case, we had long discussions about SLAs and what would happen if something went wrong. I consider it a success that we were able to take quick steps and provide solutions if there was already a problem” – recalls Mr. Kolankowski.

Another significant component of our collective success was the fact that we were able to offer a comprehensive one-stop serialization solution for levels L1-L5. “This is an aspect that our clients turn to us with particularly often and it was also crucial in this case,” admits Mr. Kolankowski. It was also important to optimize costs per serial number as well as specialized support with serialization regulations.

Looking further into the future, Ms. Domańska sees broad prospects in the relationship between the two companies. “It would be a great honor if we could continue to participate in their development, business expansion and solutions that improve the operational process.”

“It was with great pleasure that we worked with competent and committed employees of Mado on the implementation of this project. The company’s activities were characterized by flexibility, professionalism and a comprehensive approach to the implementation of the entrusted tasks. Our cooperation went smoothly, which is why I strongly recommend Mado as a specialist in its industry and a reliable and trustworthy business partner.”

– Ilona Idzior-Staniszewska, Project Manager at NEUCA Group


  • Integration with many customers
  • Requirement to customize the ERP of the Customer so it may integrate itself.


  • Flexibility during the negotiation of the contract with very fast responses.
  • Great customizing capacity, inclusive after the project begins.
  • Priority response on critical issues.
  • Offer of one hand solution for level L1-L5 serialization.
  • Reduced cost per serial number.
  • Specialized support on serialization regulations.


The NEUCA Group operates in key areas of the healthcare market. It is the largest distributor of pharmaceuticals in Poland and an important producer. It has the largest number of clinical research centers, develops a network of medical clinics, and is a promoter of numerous startups and innovative medical solutions. Independent pharmacists, whom the company actively supports, are NEUCA’s strategic partners. In order not to compete with them, NEUCA does not have its own pharmacies. By combining key areas, NEUCA has gained a unique position, creating unique opportunities for its clients and business partners. For years, NEUCA has been strengthening its leading position in the independent pharmacies market.